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Practically Imperfect In Every Way

The Money Myth

The Myth of Multiplication

The Myth of Marital Bliss


Time Management



Extreme Time Management

The Encourager



Team Urias

In Financial Agreement

One Flesh Financially

One Flesh Physically

Prayer Time

Look A Like

One Flesh Purposely

One Flesh Spiritually

Surviving Stubborness

Water vs. Shelter


Heading Home

Surviving Sickness

The Drop Off

Surviving Serving

Surviving Separation

Three Yolks

Good Deeds Gone Bad 1

Good Deeds Gone Bad 2

Good Deeds Gone Bad 4

Seven Measures of Thyme

Good Deeds Gone Bad 3

The Right Recipe

Sugar & Spice

Two Ears Are Better Than One

Hold Me… Accountable

The Story of Abigail

The Debt of Prince Charming

Love Potion Number None

Choice Not Chance

For Better or Worse

For Richer or Poorer

In Sickness & In Health

To Love & To Cherish

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